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stop smoking

“Who Else Wants to Stop Smoking
Using a Proven Breakthrough Technique
That’s Successful 9 Times Out of 10?”

Whether you smoke 1 or 100 a day…
Discover how using a revolutionary method to
reprogram your ‘inner mind’ – AUTOMATICALLY makes YOU
think and act like a non-smoker for the rest of your life!

(And how you can stop smoking without cravings and weight gain!)


From the desk of Peter Huntington, 9.13am, MindWorks,1 Harley Street, London

Dear Friend,

Some smokers will tell you it’s the sheer bodily pain of giving up. Other’s, it’s the nagging cravings for just one more smoke. Most will admit, they have tried and just can’t seem to stop smoking for good. Even though they admit they know every cigarette lit up and smoked is one step closer to an early death. How about you?

I’ve seen and talked to more struggling smokers than most people.

As a stop smoking and habit busting specialist I’ve had thousands of people come to my Harley Street Clinic, after having struggled using pretty much every other ‘so-called’ smoking cessation method under the sun.

And the NUMBER 1 reason they struggled in the past is they didn’t understand…… the real cause of smokingThis is what you’re about to discover…the real reason you’ve been smoking (and its probably not what you’ve been led to believe!) AND how to break free of this destructive habit once andfor all.I should know. I used to be a 60 a day smoker for over 20 years. I have been a non-smoker for over 8 years now and love it.And I was able to stop smoking very little willpower and no withdrawals or weight gain (in fact I actually lost14 pounds when I stopped!).And I can show you how to do the same.
MindWorks Client – Rebecca Bell

What I’m about to share with you are the secrets and the method that has already helped thousands of people take back control of their lives (and in many cases save their lives!) as non-smokers without the unnecessary struggle. Breaking free of smoking can be much easier than you think…that is when you know the insider secrets.


How is it that some people can stop smoking easily?

Why is it that some people can stop smoking easily while others struggle? Obviously, if others can do it easily – then it must be possible for you to stop easily as well.

Then, the question is, what has been stopping you from quitting smoking?

Is it that you haven’t been trying hard enough? 

No! Obviously if you’ve been feeling frustrated it is because you have been trying hard and not getting anywhere!

Is it a problem with willpower? 

No, because we all know, or have heard, of people who have been smoking for many years, who one day stopped smoking for good.. without having to use their willpower ongoing, and without cravings, withdrawals or weight gain. They just stopped.

Is it due to some sort of chemical addiction?

Obviously this can’t be the real reason some people struggle because many heavy smokers stop without withdrawals of any kind.

Also many people can go for long periods of time without the need for cigarettes (such as long plane flight).

If it was a chemical addiction then everyone would get the withdrawals. Furthermore, you may have heard that studies show the failure rates of chemical treatments for smoking to be very high.

So, if the problems of stopping smoking isn’t to do with trying hard enough, willpower or chemical addiction – what is it?

Let’s look at that now…

MindWorks Client – Melanie Gilbert

So why do up to 93% of people who try to

quit smoking using other methods FAIL?

In a nutshell, most smoking cessation methods don’t work! Well they may work temporarily – but if it is a permanent solution that you’re after (which of course it is!) there is obviously something missing from these other approaches.

You see, the problem with most stop smoking programs out there is that they mainly deal with symptoms and ignore the real cause of smoking ….and its not the nicotine as some people would have you believe!

When you tried to quit didn’t it feel like

there was a battle going on inside of you?

You know, one part of you consciously wants to stop smoking for your health, happiness and survival…but another part just won’t let you!

The part that won’t let you is your inner mind or unconscious mind (also called subconscious). It is the part of you where all your memories are ‘filed’, emotions are generated and habits are stored – including the smoking habit. The unconscious mind is responsible for controlling over 90% of what you do and is very powerful!

The conscious mind, on the other hand, relates to only those few things you are aware of at any one time and is the analytical and logical part. It is also the part associated with your willpower. The conscious mind only represents a very small percentage (less than 10%) of your potential.

Because the unconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind you would have felt like a battle was raging on inside of you. The smoking habit versus willpower. The unconscious mind is responsible for generating the feelings of anxiety, a sense of loss, irritability, sadness, feeling out of control, and wanting to eat everything in sight. And because all these feelings were so unpleasant you went back to smoking, right?

The important thing to realise is you can’t change your unconscious mind using your willpower – you need a different approach.

When you change the habit and self-image in your inner mind you’ll automatically walk, talk, think, and live like the non-smoker you want so much to be – and who you really are!

First change the mental program…then your behaviour changes. Once your behaviour changes…your life changes!

Just imagine …

What it would be like for YOU to be living your life the way you want How would it feel to wake up in the morning breathing in the fresh air and experiencing the elation that come from being healthy, happy, free and in control of your life? How would it be to know in your heart you are now a non-smoker and you’ll be a non-smoker for the rest of your life…and being able to enjoy all the health, wealth, and happiness that comes with that?

luigi varone

“Now, I don’t even think about smoking!”

“I was a 40-60 a day smoker. I would get up at 2am to use the bathroom and would smoke. I would have 2-3 cigarettes before even having a cup of tea in the morning. Now I don’t even think about smoking and I have never felt so great”

Luigi Varone, Engineer (November 2003)


Introducing the Inner Mind Reprogramming System…

Your Blueprint for Complete Success

The Inner Mind Reprogramming System is conducted through a one-to-one session at MindWorks, our Harley Street clinic in London.

It uses the most powerful inner mind programming techniques ever developed in a positive empowering way to help you become the healthy and happy non-smoker you were born as! 

The system has been thoroughly tested over a 10 year period with thousands of clients to enjoy the very high success rates it gets today. More than 9 in 10 people who have gone through the program are successful at becoming non-smokers


This system is so powerful because it addresses all the key aspects of smoking by helping you to:

  1. Program your Inner Mind to live and think as a non-smoker – This happens through a very powerful and completely safe one-to-one inner mind reprogramming session. This revolutionary system which takes the best from Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Silva Method and other cutting edge mind technologies – will help you safely and enjoyably transform your thinking so that you automatically think and act like a non-smoker.
  2. Focus your conscious mind for success –there are some critical things you must do if you are to ensure success and to make the change easy. For instance, if a person doesn’t get rid of any excuses or misconceptions about why they smoke this could interfere with any new inner mind programming in the unconscious mind. We will cover this in depth at the one-to-one session.
  3. How to avoid any weight gain, cravings and withdrawals – We’ll show you some easy, fast and very effective methods to avoid cravings and withdrawals and we’ll also share with you the secret of the real cause of these problems and what to do about it!


The Inner Mind Reprogramming in your unconscious mind works on two levels:

  • Self-image Reprogramming: By imprinting the self-image of a non-smoker in your inner mind…you’ll no longer think of yourself as a smoker…instead you’ll start to think of yourself as a non-smoker. Non-smokers naturally just don’t think of smoking, cigarettes or cigars.
  • Habit Reprogramminggoes right to the core of the smoking habit and helps you to break all the mental associations between smoking and any other situation in your life, whether it’s having a cup of tea or coffee, going out socially, stressful situations, on the phone or any other situation. Once you have broken up these connections in the inner mind …you will think as a non-smoker.

The Habit Reprogramming techniques are also used to redirect and substitute the cravings and satisfaction you used to get from smoking to behaviours that are healthy and good for you!

You will find the whole process comfortable and easy to do. This program works for cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and marijuana and is effective for both women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Everything you need to quit and stay smoke-free is included in the program.

To free yourself from smoking call 0800 083 0175


What makes the ‘Inner Mind Reprogramming System’ so SUCCESSFUL?

Inner Mind Reprogramming System Other smoking cessation methods
Deals with the causes of smoking in unconscious mind that drive all habits and feelings. Focus on symptoms of smoking – they just focus on the physiological effects nicotine has on the body i.e. they don’t work or only for very few people!
Is easy – takes the struggle out of stopping smoking for good by changing you from the inside out! You get the result without having to use lots of willpower! Are difficult – often involve struggle and lots of willpower
Is safe – uses a natural and safe proven approach Often dangerous – and involve dangerous chemicals, patches and pills
Focus on lasting success – transforming you at the deep level of identity and self image to think as a non-smoker plus the level of habits – this is far more powerful and long lasting! Only produce temporary success – often giving you radical regimes which are unrealistic, unhealthy and even impossible to keep up long term


But hey, don’t take my word for it about – read what these folks (who give their opinion of their own free will) have to say…


nicolas wilson

“This was the only thing that worked!”

“I’ve tried everything over the years to stop smoking, gum patches, Allen Carr but none of it worked. I’ve even lost close relations to cancer and that didn’t put me off smoking! I hadn’t tried hypnosis before as I was a little nervous but once I found out from MindWorks that hypnosis is just a relaxed, sleepy state I felt less scared. It has worked completely. I don’t think about cigarettes any more and I feel so much better. I advise anyone who smokes to try the MindWorks method to give up”

Nicolas Wilson, Lecturer  (October2003)


lavinia hadsley-chaplin

“It was so Easy!”

“The MindWorks method was so easy and I felt the effects immediately. I no longer had the urge to smoke even in stressful moments. I am still un-stressed and in no way experienced the usual bad temper of a recent non-smoker. I would recommend this system to everyone”

Lavinia Hadsley-Chaplin, Mother  (April 2003)


jennifer davies

“Cigarettes have totally vanished from my Life”

“I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years and although I wanted to give up I knew it would be difficult as I really enjoyed smoking – every cigarette was a treat. However, the MindWorks system was the answer for me and made giving up very easy. Cigarettes have now totally vanished from my life.”

Jennifer Davies  (July 2003)


Unleash the power of your whole mind to free yourself from smoking forever! 

  • Learn the real cause of smoking and not understanding this in the past has created pain and struggle.

  • How both parts of your mind have been working against you – and how to get them both working for you!
  • How to avoid weight gain, cravings withdrawals – there are thousands of heavy smokers who stop smoking every year without any symptoms or weight gain whatsoever – learn how they do it!
  • The real secrets to accessing your untapped potential in both parts of the mind to become a non-smoker easily.
  • The five critical functions of the unconscious mind that must be aligned for you to become a permanent non-smoker
  • A study on smoking has identified the one thing that accounts for more than 55% of pleasure associated with smoking – and it has nothing to do with smoking!
  • How to destroy all the associations in your mind between smoking and all other situations in your life – so you don’t even think about smoking!
  • How to remove all distorted thinking that has been getting in the way of you stopping smoking easily and permanently. This is a critical step you must do if you are to be successful!
  • How to develop a success mindset which will not only free you from smoking but carry on to every other area of your life
  • Learn how to get the nutrition advantage – some simple but very powerful ways that can make all the difference to feeling great as you become a non-smoker
  • How to substitute smoking for healthier habits such as eating better and doing more exercise. Many people have not only been able to maintain their weight using this system but lose weight!


Our Iron-Clad 100% Life-time Support Guarantee

To remove any doubt that the Inner Mind Reprogramming System will transform your life, I want to cement our relationship forever with an unconditional, lifetime support guarantee.

I think you’ll like it. Here it is….

Our promise to you

In the unlikely event that sometime in the future you happened to fall off the wagon and make the mistake of smoking again, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll get you back in for another session.

One of the great things to consider too is all the money you’ll be saving by being a non-smoker. Did you know a 20 a day smoker in the UK wastes approximately £1600/ year on cigarettes.

 Picture this:

You wake up every morning feeling more energised, with more oxygen flowing through every cell in your body. All of your senses come more alive…the air smells more fresh, food tastes better, you have more money in your pocket.

Already you feel more hopeful and in control…cravings no longer consuming you. Multiply this by 20 mornings, and every day bringing you closer to the reality of your goal: healthier, happier, wealthier, more energetic and confident – can you imagine what this will feel like?

For more info or to book the program

call 0800 083 0175


Here Are Some Common Questions I’m Asked

Can I really become a non-smoker?

Quite simply –YES! If you want to stop smoking and have a conscious and unconscious mind then you can be successful using the Inner Mind Reprogramming System!

Can my Inner Mind be re-programmed?

Yes, all you need do is relax and listen. The fact that you’ve learned to walk and talk and can do these things automatically proves that your inner mind is able to learn things and run automatic programs. We’re just using this same natural ability to re-learn a new way of thinking about smoking.

When you relax the conscious mind we have access to the powerful unconscious mind and can then safely and rapidly re-program it for success using the power of advanced hypnosis combined with other powerful mind techniques!

Why will this work when everything else has failed?

In the past you’ve struggled because you’ve tried just using your willpower in your conscious mind and battled against the more powerful, but limiting, programs in your unconscious mind.

Using the unique and powerful Inner Mind Reprogramming System you will reprogram your unconscious mind, conscious mind and physical body for success so all parts of you are working together as a team – then change is easy!

Start living your life the way you want – call 0800 083 0175

Please feel welcome to contact me with your questions. I love to hear your success stories, so once you’ve gone through our powerful Inner Mind Reprogramming System, I invite you to send me your feedback and results.

To your success!

Peter Huntington

Stop Smoking Specialist and Peak Performance Coach

Co-Developer of the Inner Mind Reprogramming System

(P.S Remember: the PERMANENT and EASY way to achieve results is by changing the mind…then the body follows.)



Here are just a few of the 1000’s of people MindWorks have

stopped smoking for good…


simon and cheryl lucas

“If it can work for me it can work on anyone” 

I have been smoking since I was 13 and I am writing to thank you for helping me and my husband become non-smokers. I feel quite confident and comfortable with my non-smoking status and cannot believe that I was a smoker for so many years.

All my friends are impressed at the relative ease with which we became non-smokers. I also recently lost my grandmother and in all my grief not a moment has come when I thought I needed a cigarette to lean on. I continue to recommend you to anyone who needs help with quitting smoking!”

Simon and Cheryl Lucas, Arnos Grove –  (February 2003)


kelly greenan

“I know I’ll never smoke again”

“After a session with MindWorks I gave up smoking and I no longer feel like a slave to my habit. Stepping outside into the winter rain for a cigarette is no longer necessary and feeling guilty and embarrassed smoking around friends who don’t is a thing of the past. Thanks to MindWorks I know I’ll never smoke again!”

Kelly Greenan (October 2003)


Case Study: Sterling RelocationsMindWorks offers it’s highly acclaimed stop smoking program to corporates. In February 2006, Sterling Relocations hired MindWorks to help their staff be free of the smoking habit.The result was an outstanding 100% success rate. Here, Karen Monk, Executive Assistant to General Manager Sterling Relocations discusses the impact the MindWorks Stop Smoking Program has had on their staff and their business.


vicky okolo

“I never need to smoke again”

“It surprised people who know me to hear me describe how I felt after one session with MindWorks. I felt happy, in control, pleased with my achievements and safe in the knowledge that I need never smoke again. Becoming a non-smoker using this system has nothing to do with denying myself cigarettes and has allowed me to reconnect with all the good things in my life. Pass it on”

Vicky Okolo, Charity Worker (October 2003)


sueli marques

“I am so relieved to be a non-smoker”

“After a one hour session with MindWorks I stopped smoking and never think about cigarettes any more even though I used to smoke 30-40 a day for 25 years. I am so relieved to be a non-smoker as I know that I am saving my own health and that of my little daughter”

Sueli Marques (April 2003)


“I gave up smoking in one hour with MindWorks in October and since then I have felt clean, fresh and healthy. No longer a prisoner to nicotine cravings, I am able to go anywhere without worrying if I can smoke. I am much more relaxed and happy and I look forward to a long and healthy nicotine free life.”Vanessa Kline (October 2003)


“The MindWorks method was simple and effective and it really focused my mind on giving up smoking which was something I wanted to do but couldn’t”Tobias Butterfield, Broker (June 2003)


“Since my session with MindWorks, I have been completely free of the smoking habit and my self esteem has improved significantly. Having survived Christmas and the New Year with NO desire to fall back into the smoking trap, I know that MindWorks has ensured that I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. Thank you!”Sarah Donaldson (July 2003)


“A wonderful experience….  I am now a non-smoker and I’ll be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!”Roy Hyndman (September 2003)


“I was quite amazed that, after just one session, my urge to smoke had gone and gone completely! Your mind works with a little help”Jonathon Bannister, Brand Consultant (September 2003)


“It is amazing. The minute I walked out of my one hour stop smoking session with MindWorks, I knew I was a non-smoker. I can now go out and socialise, be in a room full of smokers and not feel a twinge. I have been trying to stop smoking for 15 years and nothing else has worked”Gill Kane, Counsellor (October 2003)

stop smoking

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