Fear and Phobia

fear and phobia

Phobias are one of the most debilitating conditions that can affect us. They represent the ultimate panic attack. Once triggered phobias can cause physical reactions – the heart races, the head spins, palms sweat, knees buckle and breathing becomes laboured, the vision may blurr and in some cases a fainting spell occurs.

There is a long list of impressive and often ominous sounding scientific terms of these abnormal fears like Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Zoophobia, Hydrophobia and many many others. Some of the more common phobias are agoraphobia  (fear of open spaces), fear of flying,  fear of heights, stage fright, claustrophobia (fear of closed in spaces) and hydrophobia (fear of water).

Fear is a defence mechanism to prepare us for flight or fight. Fear itself plays an important part in our lives protecting us from real danger but many phobia’s are caused by an irrational fear in the imagination creating outrageous scenarios in the mind that are in no way based in reality. It’s a little bit like playing a disaster movie in your mind and you are in the starring role fantasizing  on what might happen instead of what is really happening.

The Mindworks program has been uniquely designed to provide a dynamic intervention at the conscious and the unconscious parts of the mind. Once you learn that a threat really isn’t dangerous, in both parts of your mind, the fear naturally goes away. Remember fear is a normal reaction to a perceived threat it is not in itself harmful and it is meant to protect us.

The Mindworks programme has been uniquely designed to provide a dynamic intervention at both the conscious and the unconscious level. In a relaxing session that will explore your own unique phobia and your reactions to it, you will learn that the threat is no longer dangerous. The fear then naturally dissipates and the phobia is no longer an issue.

Mindworks clients report that these sessions have been life changing! This can be achieved in just one session but Mindworks offer the opportunity to see a hypnotherapist again for free if needed.

fear and phobia