Boost Confidence

boost confidence

In many respects a lack of self confidence and low self-esteem are two sides of the same coin. People with low self-esteem rarely have a high level of self-confidence and vice-versa.

Nearly everyone has taken in critical, negative judging voices from the outside and make them a part of themselves. We can all feed our inferiority complex  or inadequacy feelings on the opinions of our own inner critic, our harsh conscience, or the internalised judgements of critical parents.

Low self-esteem can lead to negative feelings such as boredom, anxiety, guilt, and depression and can cause destructive behaviour. A lack of self confidence shares many of the factors which cause low self-esteem and can be one of the most detrimental habits blocking the success and happiness in life that you deserve. Lack of self confidence is often characterised by lack of belief and one’s intrinsic worth as a person – it prevents people from gaining the most that can be gained from life, both personally, professionally and socially. For some people this may translate into profound dread of social situations or a reluctance to seek out new life experiences and situations or an inability to make decisions.

The MindWorks program offers motivating life changing hypnotherapy to mobilise the unconscious mind and detailed educational instruction to give the conscious mind that critical edge to achieve a solid base to build confidence and success.

In essence the MindWork’s goal is to bring the unconscious mind into a working partnership with the conscious mind to allow the person to achieve a strong but healthy self confidence to maximise success in life goals.

boost confidence