Lose Weight

lose weight

“Why do 95% of all dieters gain back the weight
that they worked so hard to lose?”

The Secrets To Pain-Free And Permanent
Weight Loss Now Revealed!

(Discover how using a proven breakthrough method to
reprogram your ‘self image’ – AUTOMATICALLY makes YOU
become like people who are naturally slim and healthy!)


From the desk of Peter Huntington, 11.18am, MindWorks, 1 Harley Street, London

Dear Friend,
Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Have you tried it all – every diet under the sun, every ‘wonder pill’, exercise gadget, starved yourself to lose weight…and failed? Or maybe you lost the weight only to put it all back on, and in many cases, you put on more weight! Have you tried everything to lose weight only to become discouraged, depressed and disillusioned?
Until you free yourself from this problem once and for all, I don’t have to tell you that you’re not only potentially taking years off your life – but the years you are living probably aren’t half as pleasurable, exciting and rewarding as they can be.
Let me show you right now how to
put an end this pointless struggle once and for all!
What I’m about to show you is one of the only real ways to lose weight permanently and release the strong, confident real you…by helping to free yourself of the learned beliefs, mindsets and habits that have kept you trapped in this cycle of over-eating, not exercising and feeling bad. Once you have achieved this change – and as you’re about to discover, it can happen quickly – you will lose the excess weight and reclaim your lost power and passion for life permanently!
I want to emphasise this method is about proven, lasting changes – if you are only interested in temporary changes please don’t read on as there are a million other diets, pills, and gadgets out there that specialise in that! I realise you may not know me yet – but I can make all these claims with utter confidence knowing the methods that I’m going to share with you have helped thousands of clients just like you to transform their lives drastically in a very short time – and I feel privileged to be able to now make this powerful system available to you.

So why do 95% of all dieters lose weight only to put it back on again?

In a nutshell, diets don’t work! Well they may work temporarily – but if it is a permanent solution that you’re after (which of course it is!) there is obviously something missing from the diet approach.
You see the problem with most diets and weight loss programs out there is that they mainly ignore the real cause of unwanted weight gain – and its not eating too much and exercising too little.
The cause, as you might have worked out, is your own inner mind. It’s the storehouse of your deepest unconscious beliefs, memories, values and the resulting self image that they generate.
Now, here’s the secret: whatever you believe about yourself – your identity or self image – will drive the automatic behaviours that determine whether you’re able to lose weight and keep it off.
If someone has a self-image of being overweight and then goes on a diet – the more powerful unconscious mind will do all it can to get the person back to the size and shape that matches the inner self image. The unconscious mind doesn’t reason whether what its doing is good or bad – it just follows the program it has been given!
It’s like there’s a battle going on in your mind. One part of you consciously wants to lose weight for your health, and happiness…but the other part won’t let you.
The part that won’t let you is your inner mind or unconscious mind. The ‘Inner Mind Reprogramming System’ you’re about to be introduced to works directly with the unconscious mind and rapidly reprograms it…only then is lasting change truly possible.
The Inner Mind Reprogramming System uses the most powerful inner mind programming techniques ever developed in a positive empowering way to help you become slim, healthy, fit, looking and feeling your best!
When you change your belief system you’ll automatically walk, talk, think, eat, be and live like the slimmer, healthier, stronger, fitter, and better looking person you want so much to be – and deserve to be!

First change the mental program…then your behaviour changes.
Once your behaviour changes…your body changes!

Let me now introduce the ‘Inner Mind Reprogramming System for Weight Loss’ which will be the key to creating these positive changes in your life.

Why is the ‘Inner Mind Reprogramming System –

for weight loss’ so SUCCESSFUL?

Other weight loss approaches Inner Mind Reprogramming System

• Focus on symptoms of weight gain – they just focus on external changes to diet and exercise • Deals with the causes of weight gain in unconscious mind that drive all behaviours
• Focus on temporary success – often giving you radical regimes which are unrealistic, unhealthy and even impossible to keep up long term • Focus on permanent success – adopting new healthy and liberating ways of thinking, eating and exercising which form new positive long term habits
• Only focus on changing habits • Focuses on transforming you at the deep level of identity and self image plus the level of habits – this is far more powerful and long lasting!
• Only focus on helping you lose weight • Focus on losing weight andfeeling great about yourself and the way you look – its aboutchanging you from the inside out!
• Involve some kind of sacrifice and are a struggle • Allow you to make life changingtransformations enjoyably, and naturally!
• Only focus on one change at a time • Ensures the positive changes flow to other areas of your lifeas well

Here’s how the ‘MindWorks Weight Mastery Program’ works
(includes the inner mind reprogramming system)

• After booking an appointment you will be sent a confirmation pack and CD which gets you ready for your session by explaining everything you need to know
• You come for three 1.5- 2 hour sessions at our MindWorks Weight Mastery Clinic at Harley Street, London.
• At the first session we’ll discuss (myself or a colleague) your specific challenges to understand your situation. We then discuss the mind and how to reprogram it for lasting success.
• Then to the fun part where you begin the process of freeing yourself from your mental prison of over-eating, emotional eating or whatever your particular challenges may be. You sit down in a very comfortable chair and get you into a very pleasantly relaxed state and use the very powerful inner mind techniques to reprogram the way you think about food, exercise and yourself.
• It is a relaxing, enjoyable experience. You are aware and in control at every moment.
• This revolutionary system which takes the best from Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Silva Method and other cutting edge mind technologies – will help you safely and enjoyably transform your thinking so that you automatically think and act the way you want.
• In between the weekly sessions there are some things you need to do daily to create the positive habits that you desire. These special mind reprogramming techniques are fun and easy to do.
• We support you through the process of change and act as your coach and success team.

Only 100% committed people need apply!

The key to success is to install new habits in the way you think about yourself, food and exercise so that you behave in ways which naturally allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

To form new habits requires repetition of the new behaviour for around 30 days. At first the new behaviours may seem a bit unnatural, but after about 30 days it starts feel like the normal thing to do.

That’s why every part of our program is important the sessions at our clinic and the daily conditioning exercises we give to you.

The important thing to realise is that we’re focusing on lasting change so you don’t have to use willpower ongoing. Sure, you could go on a diet and lose some weight in the short term – but for how long? Isn’t it worth putting in some effort initially so you can change permanently? We think so.

That’s why not everyone who rings us is accepted into our program.

You’ve got to really be 100% committed to changing your life. Some people think they can just sit around watching television and eating chocolate or that they can take some ‘magic pills’ and somehow their life will be miraculously transformed. That’s not the way it works.

The key is not about diets or short term thinking – it’s about changing your lifestyle for the better. Using the amazing power of your unconscious mind instead of just struggling with willpower.

So if you’re ready to move forward in your life – for more information or to book the program call 0800 083 0175

Imagine what it will be like to:
• eat and think like a naturally slim, healthy person
• love the way you look
• lose your taste for fattening foods
• crave healthy food
• fall in love with exercise
• speed up your metabolism
• gain more energy and vitality
• get back your zest for life!

Forget radical diets, ‘magic pills’, surgery, and other drastic temporary approaches!

Can my Inner Mind be re-programmed?

Yes, all you need do is relax and listen. The fact that you’ve learned to walk and talk and can do these things automatically proves that your inner mind is able to learn things and run automatic programs. We’re just using this same natural ability to learn a new way of thinking about food and exercise.

When you relax the conscious mind we have access to the powerful unconscious mind and can then rapidly re-program it for success using the power of advanced hypnosis combined with other powerful mind techniques!

Am I unconscious when this happens?

No, not at all. You are relaxed, but fully awake and in control at all times.

Why will this work when everything else has failed?

In the past you’ve struggled because you’ve tried just using your willpower in your conscious mind and battled against the more powerful, but limiting, programs in your unconscious mind.

Using the powerful Inner Mind Reprogramming System you will reprogram your unconscious mind so all parts of you are working together as a team – then change is so much easier!

Picture this: You wake up each morning feeling a little slimmer than the day before. You are already feeling more hopeful and in control. Multiply this by the next 20 mornings, with every day bringing you closer to the reality of a ‘new you’ – healthier, happier, more energetic and self-confident – can you imagine what this would feel like? Don’t you want this for yourself?

If you answered “YES” and you want our help to become this “new you”, starting right now – then try our proven method TODAY.

lose weight

To transform your life call 0800 083 0175

To your success!

Peter Huntington
Peak Performance Coach
Co-Developer of the Inner Mind Reprogramming System

P.S Remember, it doesn’t have to be difficult to drop those extra pounds. This unique program will help youreach your goals without struggle, embarrassment, pain and suffering.

P.P.S Remember: the PERMANENT way to achieve results is by changing the mind…then the body follows.